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A Partnering Ethos with

Engineering Excellence

Why Skanstec?

The Skanstec team are experts in engineering and delivering tailored solutions to you, our clients.

We specialise in delivering complex projects in a reliable and controlled setting, by managing schedules and stakeholders, whilst reducing risk and costs for our clients. As an engineering company of choice, our team has over twenty years of industry experience in the Energy and Telecommunications sector, and we have a proven track record in successful project execution. Our team is energetic and passionate, comprising of industry-leading professionals who pride themselves on delivering world-leading standards. With global experience, we are a highly motivated group with profound expertise in the industry. We have positively contributed to multiple major infrastructural engineering projects for both public and private clients.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To deliver flexible, tailored engineering solutions, by empowering our people to be

passionate, innovative & expressive.

Ou Values

Our Values



We care for ourselves, the people we work with, the community, and the environment. We listen to our people, our partners, and our customers. We empower our people to take the right steps to ensure workplaces are healthy and safe. We protect our natural environment and prioritize the health and wellbeing of our people.



We own our words, our actions, and our results. We lead by example and hold ourselves accountable first. We take ownership of our work and answer for our actions. We embrace the belief that achieving a healthy and safe environment starts with ‘me’.



We act with integrity and show respect. We show respect for each other`s values, differences, and contributions. We treat people with respect in our daily interactions – with each other, our customers, our partners, and our community. We honour our word.



We deliver and exceed expectations. We inspire excellence in our people and processes. We celebrate success and learn from mistakes in equal measure. We creatively approach challenging situations and obstacles, and achieve incredible things for our clients.


To power innovation to create a smart, connected, sustainable future.

Our Vision

Our ESG Commitments

Environmental, Social & Governance factors are the centrepiece of our Corporate Values.

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Carbon Neutrality Society


We work with clients, delivery partners, and stakeholders in designing and building renewable developments that will create clean energy and a carbon-neutral society for future generations. 

Embedding Sustainability


Substantially embedded in our culture, practised daily basis throughout the organisation, and built into our Design, Engineering & Delivery.

Ecological Footprint

We invest in reducing our emissions, whilst helping clients and communities to innovate and engineer for a reduced ecological footprint.



Employee Wellbeing


We create a safe environment both physically and mentally for our staff, delivery partners, supply chain, clients, and stakeholders.  We interact with everyone in a human manner.

Diversity and Inclusion


Maintaining Cultural and Gender Diversity, lowering bias and giving everyone an equal voice in an open, trusted environment is a primary focus.  



We motivate everyone to speak and act with honesty and integrity, and individuals and teams implement ethical principles in all decisions and behaviours.  


Transparency & Governance

Corporate Governance


The business growth strategy is built on standards, including strong corporate governance. We first achieve this through good practice and transparent processes. Secondly, we verify our commitments by involving world-leading, legal advisors, accounting companies and auditors, coupled with a board of directors that prides itself on accountability – a Skanstec core value.



Our reputation is built on our passion for excellence and our consistency in delivering industry-leading standards across the business, this is cemented by our certifications. We operate and maintain full ISO Certification for 9001, 14001 & 45001. Skanstec is an Engineers Ireland accredited CPD Employer, and we continually invest in the development and certification of our staff.

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